A Clarins Night In

My family obviously knows me very well as I received quite a few lovely beauty gifts for Christmas this year. One of the most appreciated surprises was this set of three luxurious Clarins products in the bottom of my stocking. I am a big fan of all things Clarins, so I couldn’t wait to try them out.

Well, I was certainly not disappointed. These have quickly become essentials for a cosy, quiet Sunday night in when you need a bit of a detox in preparation for Monday morning. Below are the three steps I’ll be following tonight.


Step 1: Clarins Relax Bath and Shower Concentrate

First, I plan to run a nice hot bath to which I will add a few drops of this gorgeous bath concentrate. Filled with essential oils such as Camomile and Basil, the beautiful aroma leaves my bathroom smelling like a luxury spa and I always feel so relaxed afterwards. If you don’t have time for a full-on bath, this can also be used as a shower gel and it’s perfect for those with dry, sensitive skin.

Step 2: Clarins Moisture-Rich Body Lotion 

Once out of the bath, what better way to keep my skin even more hydrated than applying a moisturising lotion? Containing softening shea butter, hydrating candlenut oil and the beautiful scents of peach and orange blossom, this smells divine and smooths over skin easily without leaving you feeling greasy.

Step 3: Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream

As I’ve said before, one of my beauty resolutions this year is to use a daily hand cream. My hands can get very dry and cracked during the winter months and I find they get easily irritated by things such as washing up liquid and cleaning products. I have to be careful with creams as well as some have actually made this worse and caused me to break out in rashes. However, this Clarins cream is the perfect solution for me and is without a doubt the best hand cream I’ve used. It smells lovely (of Japanese mulberry and sesame oil), helps to keep my hands and nails protected and most importantly it is not at all greasy! I find some hand creams can leave you feeling clammy and uncomfortable but this is so light and just sinks easily into skin. I use it every morning and before I go to bed and so far, my hands have been as soft as silk!

Anyway, I must go and run my bath now so that the relaxation evening can begin! I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend and there will be a new post up on Wednesday reviewing one of my new must-have makeup products.

Thanks for reading.



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