Shimmer Bricks – Bobbi Brown vs Seventeen

This Saturday, I decided it was high time for another save vs splurge post as I haven’t done one for quite a while! I’m finding these little competitions very interesting as the budget equivalents are often coming out on top. I’ve always preferred going for something more expensive (if possible!), but it’s showing me that price doesn’t necessarily mean quality…


Well this week, I am comparing two bronzing shimmer bricks. While it’s necessary to use a matte bronzer for contouring, sometimes I think it’s nice to add a little shimmer and sparkle… Nothing too glittery! Just a lovely luminous glow across cheekbones and forehead. I especially love wearing these in the summer when I’ve got a bit of a tan, however they are also great for brightening skin up in the cold winter months.

Unfortunately, I have no photos to show you of me actually wearing these two products. The point of shimmer bricks are to give you a very natural, subtle bronzed shimmer, and they just don’t show up enough in photos. So you’ll just have to take my word for it!

SPLURGE – Bobbi Brown Bronze Shimmer Brick (£32.50)


I’ve wanted this for ageeeesss. But the price has always put me off. Finally, a couple of months ago, I gave in to my makeup addiction and bought it. I just think everything about this product screams luxury, from the beautiful blend of colours to the sleek, elegant black box. It has won countless beauty awards and I’ve seen it used in many YouTube videos by bloggers and makeup artists.

Well, I have to say it lived up to my expectations. I love the fact that it has a real range of colours. The white highlights, the pinks give a slight rosy blush to cheeks and the browns give you a sunkissed tan. I usually use my Real Techniques Blusher Brush to sweep this lightly over my cheekbones, forehead and nose, and it really gives my makeup a beautiful finish. The box is also very practical as it has a little compact mirror if you need a touch up on-the-go.

Although the price is steep, I think it should last me quite a long time, which will make it worth it in the long run! By the way, this also comes in a variety of colours if you’re not feeling the Bronze. To choose from, you have Pink Quartz, Copper Diamond, Nectar, Beige and Rose. I have my eye on the Nectar and Pink Quartz, but I may have to wait till my birthday!

SAVE – SEVENTEEN Instant Glow Shimmer Brick in Gold Bronze (£4.99 from Boots)


At nearly an eighth of the price of the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick, I had to try this and compare. At first sight, I thought the colours were very pretty, although it has only four shades, as opposed to five. The colours are also more beige and brown, without the highlighting white or pink tones. Of course, the packaging isn’t as nice, but I wouldn’t expect it to be at the price!

Having used it numerous times now, I am actually really impressed with this product! It gives a subtle bronze glow across the face, and can be used to highlight cheekbones. The colours aren’t quite as pigmented as Bobbi Brown’s, and I would say this is probably unsuited to those with very pale skin, however I find it a really great alternative and you can build it up to the level of bronze you want.

Another point I will make is this also comes in another shade; Pink Bronze which has pink and coral tones to it. A good idea might be to buy both (which would still come to less than £10 and a third of the Bobbi Brown price!) and mix them together. That way you get the best of both worlds.



Again, this was a very difficult choice but it’s going to have to be…Bobbi Brown!

I do think the Bobbi Brown brick is just slightly more subtle and pigmented. I also love the pink and white tones which come with it, and the luxury packaging makes it more practical and enjoyable to use. However, I really recommend the SEVENTEEN Instant Glow if you are on a budget and don’t want to splash out. I am seriously impressed with its quality considering the low price.


Have you tried either of these Shimmer Bricks? What did you think of them? If not, will you be tempted to try them? If you have any other recommendations, please let me know!

Thanks for reading

Joanna xxxxx


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13 thoughts on “Shimmer Bricks – Bobbi Brown vs Seventeen

  1. I have the Pink Quartz shimmer brick and absolutely love it! I have never tried any Seventeen products but that does look really good so I may have to check them out. Great review 🙂 xx


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