My Top 3 Concealer/Highlighter Pens

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s day, whatever you were doing. Today, I want to talk about one of my absolute must-have beauty items, which is a concealer/highlighter pen. You can always find one of these in my makeup case and I rarely leave the house without one in my handbag for touch-ups.

On an average day, my makeup routine is pretty quick and simple. It tends to go: BB cream or a radiance balm; concealer/highlighter; setting powder; mascara; lip balm. Because of this, a 2 in 1 product like a concealer/highlighter pen is perfect for me. It can be used to conceal blemishes, to brighten up under-eye dark circles, and to highlight the high points of your face. The pen design also makes it much easier to use, especially if you’re on the go, as there’s no need for a brush or applicator. So here are my 3 favourites on the market right now…


1. Clinique Airbrush Concealer Best for Concealing

I absolutely love the consistency of this formula. It’s beautifully light and manages to conceal without looking at all cakey. When I went to buy this, the Clinique stand only had 3 shades in out of a possible 12. I went for the shade 04 Neutral Fair, which turned out to be perfect for me. I use it under my eyes, to cover blemishes and to highlight the centre of my face (my nose, the centre of my forehead and above my brows). If you’re fair skinned like me, this is a perfect colour for concealer as it has a yellow undertone. Even though my skin has pink undertones, pinkish concealers can actually make you look very washed out, so I try to avoid them.

Positives: A light, non-cakey formula; good range of colour shades; no shimmer; conceals and highlights beautifully.

Negatives: The pen is smaller and thinner than my other two choices, which will mean there is less product.  

2. YSL Touche Éclat – Best for Highlighting

Of course, I couldn’t do a post on highlighter pens without including the classic YSL Touche Éclat, which is arguably the product that started the whole trend. There’s something so luxurious about pulling this beautiful, gold pen from your handbag which gives the most stunning glow. It’s very versatile again and can also be used as a primer for eyeshadow. Annoyingly, this is another case where the stores often only seem to carry 2 or 3 shades of this product, despite there being 8 available. I bought mine while I was in France and got the shade 2 Ivory Radiance which is quite a pale colour. I use it under my eyes and to highlight cheekbones, brow bones and the cupid’s bow, which gives off such a fabulous luminosity. The downsides are that it doesn’t conceal blemishes as well and I prefer to use something without shimmer on the centre of my face otherwise I start to look a bit shiny!

Positives: Beautiful packaging; lasts a long time; amazing highlighter and under eye concealer.

Negatives: Not great for concealing blemishes; shimmery so works more as a highlighter than a concealer; the most expensive.

3. Estée Lauder Double Wear Brush-On Glow BB Highlighter – Best All-Rounder

As a fan of the Double Wear foundation and concealer, I decided a while ago to give this highlighter a go and bought it in the shade 2W Light Medium. The first thing I loved was the packaging, which is quite similar to the YSL Touche Éclat, although larger. Because of the much thicker bottle, it lasts a lot longer than the Clinique and YSL, so it’s great value for money. Out of the three, I feel this one most caters to both concealing and highlighting. It works really well to conceal blemishes and dark circles, but at the same time has just enough luminosity to use as a subtle highlighter. I also love the way that as soon as you apply it, it starts to naturally fade into your skin so it requires hardly any blending at all.

Positives: Generous amount of product; pretty packaging and large bottle; good for both concealing and highlighting.

Negatives: Not as luminous as the YSL.

Depending on what you’re looking for, these concealer/highlighter pens are all fantastic investments. The Clinique Airbrush is best for if you want a really pretty, light concealer which provides good coverage and is easy to use. The YSL has the luxury factor and is gorgeous for highlighting cheekbones. Finally, the Estee Lauder Double Wear, in my opinion, is the most versatile if you’re looking for something which can do both.

What do you think of concealer/highlighter pens? Do you have a favourite? Or any drugstore dupes? Please share in the comments if so.

Thanks for reading!

Joanna xxxxx


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24 thoughts on “My Top 3 Concealer/Highlighter Pens

  1. Oo I like the sound of all of these! I might have to give them ago – I might try the Estee Lauder one first seen as though that does both. Great post 🙂 xx

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    1. To be honest, I haven’t really tried any of the drugstore concealers in pen form. The first one I ever tried was the YSL and I think that spoiled me! But now I’m on the lookout for a cheaper one. I’ve heard the Maybelline Dream Touch Lumi Concealer is meant to be good and the No7 Radiant Glow Concealer so I think I’ll try one of those when I’ve run out! xx

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  2. I’ve tried the YSL before but it turned out to be too dark for me, and I never repurchased it because of the price. :/ Maybe I’ll give it another shot (and the Clinique also looks promising!)


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