A Dupe for Clarins Flash Balm??

If you’ve been following my blog, you may have read my post a couple of weeks ago in which I sing the praises of the amazing Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. Now, I absolutely love this product which preps and primes skin to perfection as well as keeping it soft and hydrated throughout the day, however, being a penny-pinching student, I just cannot afford to keep splurging £29 on it (especially as I’m now saving up for a possible trip to Italy this summer!!)  So for a while, I’ve been on the lookout for a drugstore dupe which doesn’t sacrifice quality over price, and I think I may have found one!

Enter … Botanics All Bright Radiance Balm

DSC01877Ok, so I must admit, I was prepared for this to be a failure. Only because surely something that costs a tenth (£2.99) of the price of the Clarins Balm is always going to be a disappointment?? But I’m actually really impressed with this product! I’ve been wearing it nearly every day for the past two weeks and my skin feels much more soft and smooth. There is a very pleasant, floral smell which isn’t overpowering and it feels really cool and fresh on skin.

It does have a much more watery, liquid consistency than the Clarins Balm, which is actually quite thick. However, this means you only need a very small amount and it blends out easily. After application, it gives skin a lovely glow and dewiness and makes a really nice natural base. If you’re looking for something with coverage though, this is not it, and you’d be better suited to a tinted moisturiser or BB cream. Finally, I’ve had no negative reaction (and I have sensitive skin) and it’s kept my skin looking and feeling smoother and protected against the cold.

Despite this, I do have to admit that this doesn’t quite match up to the Clarins Flash Balm. It doesn’t have the added benefits of being a primer and face mask, as well as a balm. It also doesn’t leave skin feeling quite as supple and smooth. However, for only £2.99, this is an amazing alternative. I now use this as my everyday radiance balm and save the Clarins for special occasions and this is working perfectly!

What do you think of Beauty Balms? Have you ever tried the Clarins Flash Balm or the Botanics Radiance Balm? What did you think? And finally, do you have any recommendations?

Thanks for reading,

Joanna xxxxx

Remember that skincare products are very personal, so I can’t promise that what works for me will work for you. You’ll have to try and test it to know for sure. 


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11 thoughts on “A Dupe for Clarins Flash Balm??

  1. wow would be awesome to find an alternative to the clarins one, as i agree- its expensive:( a good tip is to look out for clarins making sales of packages, where I live they once a year put together a goodie bag of their products in smaller sizes to crazy prices:)

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