My Sun Protection Products

Hi everyone! So this post was meant to go up on Sunday but what can I say…all that French wine addled my brain and I completely forgot. Anywho, now that I’m officially back in England (sob) I wanted to do a quick post showing the products I brought with me to protect my skin and hair from the sun. I know this probably isn’t the most interesting of topics but it’s something I feel quite passionately about.

I regularly see people (my friends included) using sunbeds, not bothering to apply sun cream while on holiday and generally behaving a little irresponsibly when it comes to the old UV protection. Of course, I’m no angel myself and have definitely been known to put a great tan above my own health. However, after a particularly nasty case of face peeling (I genuinely looked like I had a snowy white beard for about a month), I decided I needed to start giving my skin the care it deserves. A tan is nowhere near important enough to put you at risk of burning, future damage and wrinkles, and worst of all, cancer.


Sun Cream for Body: Obviously the first thing you need is a good sun cream with a high SPF factor. I usually take a factor 30 and make sure to apply it all over as part of my morning routine, then regularly throughout the day. For Marseille I took the Nivea Invisible Protection Spray, although I actually tend to prefer the non-invisible ones so you can see exactly where you’ve applied it.

Sun Cream for Face: Unfortunately, something I’ve always hated is how much sun cream would break me out. Maybe as my skin is on the oilier side of things, and sun cream is quite greasy. To try to combat this problem, I bought the Avene Very High Protection Mineral Cream, hoping this would prevent the breakouts. This cream has a non greasy formula, an SPF 50 and is specifically targeted towards “intolerant skin”. While it definitely felt less greasy and less pore-clogging (it also didn’t break me out!), it did leave me with a bit of a “snowman face”. Maybe one for the beach rather than daily use??

Hair Care: Whenever I’m going away, I head straight for the Charles Worthington Takeaways range. They’re the perfect size for a week and come in lots of different varieties. My personal favourites are the Moisture Seal Shampoo, which contains argan oil to keep hair sleek and luxurious, and the Sunshine Protector Conditioner. This contains moringa seed oil and UV filters to stop hair drying out and fading in the sun, killing two birds with one stone!

Lip Care: Don’t forget about the lips! I always pack in my hand luggage a tube of Nivea Lip Care Sun Protect SPF30, which will moisturise and protect.

I hope this has been helpful and always remember to stay safe in the sun! What products do you use? Do you know of any good sun creams for oilier skin?

Thanks for reading,

Joanna xxxxx


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Hi, I'm Jo. A marketing girl with a love of bold lips, luxury skincare, delicious food, and travelling to new places. Continuing to blog all my adventures...

8 thoughts on “My Sun Protection Products

  1. Great post. Sun protection is key when you don’t want wrinkles or anything worse than that. I have oily skin and have had luck with Aveeno SPF products. They do have that sunblock smell but if you don’t mind that, they are awesome. I actually have a review of one of them and planning to do a review on the second version I have soon!

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      1. I’m sure people think I’m a vampire Jo, last summer I bought a parasol from Ikea, I swear it went everywhere with me and is STILL in the back of the car!!! I just can’t cope lol Us translucent folk really have a hard time of it eh?! haha So welcome, super handy post so thanks again for sharing Xo

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