The Holy Grail Product – Dior BB Cream

The search is over! 

I’m sure any beauty lovers out there will know exactly what I’m talking about by a “search”. Whether it’s foundation, bronzer or a nude lipstick, that feeling when you just haven’t quite found the one that makes your heart sing. Yes I may be a little sad for getting so excited about a beauty product, but I see makeup in the same way some girls see shoes. They might dream of a walk-in closet and shoe rack; I dream of a walk-in powder room with every lipstick shade I could ever ask for. No shame.

So for a long time, I’ve been on the lookout for a beautiful bb cream for natural daywear. I rarely wear foundation during the day but there are occasions when my skin just looks a bit meh, and that’s when something light which still provides a bit of coverage could come in real handy. Up until now I’ve been using the YSL Top Secrets which is no doubt very lovely. However, the shades don’t quite match my skin (medium is a little too dark for my winter paleness, and light is too light) and I find it can sometimes start to get a bit oily as the day goes on. After watching a Tanya Burr video in which she talked up the Dior bb cream, I decided to give it a go. Read on for my thoughts! Or if you’re in a rush, pop on down to the bottom for a brief summary.


Diorskin Nude BB Cream in 002 Fair 

Let’s start with the packaging: Well it’s Dior isn’t it so it’s always going to gorgeous? Something that really stood out for me though, as I haven’t found it with any other bb cream, is that the bottle comes with a pump dispenser. I always think a pump just makes everything that bit more practical and hygenic, so this was a big thumbs up for me!

Dior claims: The great thing about bb creams is that they combine makeup with skincare. This one by Dior contains an SPF 10 (not especially high but still a plus), and ingredients which help to moisturise and even out skin tone. It’s also supposed to give you a “fresh and radiant rosy complexion” which “instantly smooths” and “delivers sheer correction“.

How did it fare?: Well let’s demonstrate with a little before and after photo. Below, the left side shows me without any makeup, while the right shows after bb cream application…

dior bb cream

Ok, so after trying multiple times, I don’t think these photos quite do it justice. I don’t have any professional photography equipment and have to make do with natural daylight, but I hope you can at least get the idea! 

My Thoughts: The formula is so incredibly light; it honestly feels like silk on application! I also completely forget that I’m wearing anything and I feel like it really lets my skin breathe. The shade “Fair” is absolutely spot on for my skin tone and it just helps to give me a little glow. Finally, the main reason I love this bb cream is that it succeeds in being “my skin but better”. Everything just looks a bit smoother, more even and it helps to conceal any redness or pigmentation. Plus it lasts all day! Even when I was walking round in various states of sun and rain in Marseille.

So here’s a brief summary! 

Pros: Lovely packaging with a handy pump dispenser; really light and weightless formula; achieves in giving me a natural rosy glow; contains moisturising ingredients and an SPF 10; long-lasting and doesn’t make my skin feel oily; smooths out uneven skin tone.

Cons: Quite expensive! (£30); not a huge bottle considering the price; disappointing range for girls with darker skin (only comes in 3 shades of Light, Fair and Medium).

I’m very happy I discovered this product and I can’t see myself ever being able to go back to another bb cream (why do you do this to me Dior?!). It’s just a shame they haven’t considered broadening the range of shades for ladies of darker skin tones. 

Have you tried the Dior bb cream? What did you think? What is your favourite bb cream on the market right now?

Thanks for reading! 

Joanna xxxxx


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25 thoughts on “The Holy Grail Product – Dior BB Cream

  1. Most of my mornings are typically very busy. I have few spare minutes, which means blending a foundation flawlessly will not be an ideal job and this is where BB creams took over in my life. I haven’t tried Dior BB cream, I’ve read some mixed reviews, and just not sure if it will work for my oily/acne-prone skin. I currently use Estee Lauder BB cream, . which I love. It’s shine control and includes SPF 35.

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    1. I’m the same. I also find foundation is a bit heavy for day-wear, especially as it’s getting warmer now. I haven’t tried the Estee Lauder one but I’ll definitely look out for it! Well my skin can break out quite easily if it doesn’t agree with something and so far it hasn’t from using this. It’s hard to know though! Thanks for reading xxx


  2. It looks lovely on youu! I was contemplating on getting this bb cream during the sephora sale. But since I was quite iffy on the shades I didn’t get it. But seeing your review I wish I did!! 😦 lol But for now I shall just add it to my wishlist! Great review 🙂

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