The Perfect Bronzy/Brown Eyeliner

I can still remember my first venture into the world of eyeliner… I was 13, about to go to the year 8 school disco, and had officially reached that age when makeup and boys were suddenly incredibly appealing. I took my new black Rimmel Kohl Pencil Liner and smudged it all around my eyelids, Mary-Kate and Ashley style. The result? I looked like a drunk panda who’d been up all night crying.

Since then I’ve learned a lot about makeup and I like to think I’m not too shabby at it now! No drunk pandas in sight anyway. However, eyeliner has remained one of the only things which I can never seem to get a firm grasp on. I always find it looks a little too heavy against my pale skin, and as I have hooded eyes, it’s very easy for it to make them look even more closed. Despite this, I still desperately want to be able to rock eyeliner like an Olsen twin!

I’d almost given up altogether, until I read about the MAC Teddy Eye Kohl, and I think it’s answered all of my eyeliner woes!


The chocolatey/bronzy shade of this liner is perfect for girls like me who find black to be a little too harsh. I also love the fact that it’s got subtle flecks of gold within the formula which gives it a bit of something extra. It will look gorgeous set against brown eyes to really bring out the warm colour, and for blue and green eyed girls, this will give us that smudged, ‘I woke up like this’ look which the Olsen twins pull off so well.

The formula itself is so simple to apply. It really does just glide on, and this is coming from someone who’s always struggled with pencil liners. The rich colour also lasts and lasts throughout the day and night. Trust me, I wore it yesterday through an afternoon of rain and gale, and it didn’t budge!

Only downside to this? It is MAC so it’s not cheap (£13) but the pencil is long so I’m hoping it will last a while. If anyone knows any drugstore dupes though let me know!


In the pic above I’ve applied it quite finely over my top eye line and halfway along the bottom line. I didn’t bother smudging it out this time but that’s easy to do with a brush if you want it to look more “worn-in”.

Overall, I’m very happy with my discovery! Now if only my 13 year old self had known about this…

  Have any of you guys tried the MAC Teddy? What did you think? And do you know of any dupes?

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Thanks for reading!

Joanna xxx    


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25 thoughts on “The Perfect Bronzy/Brown Eyeliner

  1. I remember teenage makeup ventures at discos so well!! This liner looks so lovely, and suits you so well. Think I’ll have to add yet another makeup product to my ‘to-buy’ list 😉 x

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  2. Love the color! And I don’t know if you have a Sally Beauty close to where you live but they might have something that’s way cheaper. I have a black eyeliner pencil from there (I believe it was like less then $3) but that have LOTS of colors!

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    1. Thanks! That’s good to know I haven’t actually heard of Sally beauty. I’m from the uk so don’t know if they have it here? I’m going to look out for some dupes though as £13 is quite steep! Thanks for reading xxx

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