Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect Review


I got some very exciting news last week…

After 4 amazing years of studying, socialising, stressful revision, a year abroad in France, and possibly a little too much partying in first and second year, I finally got my official degree result… I am very happy to be able to say that I will be graduating with a 2.1 in French and Philosophy! Hurrayyyy.

Well, feeling more than a little pleased, I decided I needed to treat myself. And by treat, I of course mean buy new makeup – I know you’re all with me there beauty bloggers! Instantly, I knew exactly what brand I wanted. It seems every other blogger has absolutely raved about the Charlotte Tilbury range, and I’ve found it very difficult to stop myself reaching for the credit card and making a sneaky online purchase. But with a trip down to London to see my boyfriend last week, and the opportunity to reward myself for all the hard work paying off, I thought this was the perfect moment to finally indulge!

The question was though, on what?? I’ve heard so many good things about the entire range, from the Filmstar Bronze & Glow, to the Pillow Talk Lip Cheat Pencil. After much umming and ahhing, I made two purchases (you’ll see more of the other one later), and opted for one of the K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipsticks. I was incredibly torn between Bond Girl (a gorgeous matte berry) and Bitch Perfect (a versatile pinkish nude). In the end, I plumped for the latter as I’ve been looking for the perfect everyday nude lipstick for a while. My nude collection currently consists of MAC Blankety and L’Oreal Collection Exclusive in Barely Peach, but they just don’t quite thrill me in the way that some of my red lipsticks do.


Ok, let’s get to it!

Firstly, we need to talk about the packaging… I’m sorry to break this to my YSL Rouge Eclat, but this has officially replaced it as my most beautiful lipstick case. The rose gold metal is so old-hollywood, filled with the glamour of the Grace Kelly/Vivien Leigh Golden Age of cinema. At the same time though, it’s very practical and light. You could drop it into your clutch bag for a night out on the town without worrying it’s going to get damaged.

As for the lipstick itself? Do you ever find that when something has been so highly anticipated, it often doesn’t live up to expectations? Thankfully this does not fall into that camp. The colour is a beautiful nude with a hint of pink which neither overpowers nor fades away when paired with heavy eye makeup. I also think it’s such a universal shade, I can see it looking good on everyone! One of the other problems I’ve had with nude lipsticks in the past is that they don’t tend to last very long. After a few sips of water and a nibble of food, it’s time to reapply again. Not this one though, which I’ve found stays put for twice as long, especially when worn with a primer. Finally, the last good point I’ve noticed is that the matte quality of this still feels smooth and buttery. It’s not difficult to apply as I find some of the MAC range to be.

I think I need to save up and buy Bond Girl now too… Oh dear. Maybe I should have stayed off the Charlotte Tilbury band wagon for the sake of my bank account??


Have you guys tried the Charlotte Tilbury range? What did you think? And what are your recommended products?

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Thanks for reading! Joanna xxxxx


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Hi, I'm Jo. A marketing girl with a love of bold lips, luxury skincare, delicious food, and travelling to new places. Continuing to blog all my adventures...

46 thoughts on “Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect Review

  1. Congratulations 😀
    Charlotte Tilbury is rather detrimental for bank accounts… but such amazing products. This looks lovely on you and has been on my wishlist for a while 🙂
    xxx Anne

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  2. I have this lipstick aswell, and although its lovely, it just looks a lot nicer on you (might be because of my darker skin tone). I am with you on the packaging though, i don’t think packaging can get any better!

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