An Intro to Korean Cosmetics (and a Cheeky Giveaway)

The Silk Rose Skincare

For a long time now, I’ve been really interested in the Asian beauty market. I feel like this is where all the interesting, innovative stuff is happening. In fact, many of the products we use regularly nowadays – such as BB/CC creams and serum/cushion foundations – were actually created in either China, Korea or Japan. And can you imagine your makeup without them?

The only difficulty is actually getting hold of these products… When you live in the UK, it’s difficult to know what brands to look out for and where you can buy them. I’ve seen some brands stocked in luxury department stores like Harrods’s and Selfridge’s, but the prices are just way out of my reach and I’m sure the reach of the average woman. A few weeks ago though, I was lucky enough to be contacted by a UK based company called The Silk Rose, who specialise in imported Korean cosmetics. They asked if I would be willing to try out a few of their products in exchange for an honest review, and of course, I jumped at the chance.


The ladies from The Silk Rose were keen to let me know why they were so passionate about Korean cosmetics and what inspired them to start their own business. First and foremost, the Korean beauty market is currently leaps and bounds ahead of the western market. So why is this?

Well, it starts in the home. For Korean women, skincare isn’t a chore which you vaguely pick up during your teenage years and then drop again when the time suits; it’s a way of life. A flawless, radiant complexion is one of the greatest marks of beauty, so girls are introduced to the idea that taking care of your skin from a young age is of utmost importance. This philosophy – that your skin deserves love, care and attention – is reflected in the market. Manufacturers know that Korean women expect the best, so only the best ingredients and vitamins are used.

The Silk Rose want to bring this same philosophy to the UK and give women a chance at the same quality and commitment as the Korean market – without the hefty price tag. Every single product on the website has been hand-picked, tried and tested, so you can be 100% sure that what you’re buying will genuinely work. I’ve been testing these products out for nearly 2 weeks now, and I’ve been completely convinced that this is true…

Korean Skincare and Cosmetics

I was sent a goodie bag full of amazingly exciting skincare products, some of which I’ve never had the opportunity to try before! Bee Venom face cream, serums made up of pure vitamin C, and a bubble peeling exfoliator…

Well, you don’t find this sort of thing in your local Boots do you?

Korean Sheet Masks

I have a couple of reviews coming your way in the next couple of weeks, as I think it’s important to give skincare a thorough test over an extended period of time to really see a difference. One product though which I want to mention now, are the Goodal Sheet Masks.

These sheet masks (I’d never heard of them before!) come in the form of cotton sheets which are soaked in concentrated oils and vitamins to really give your skin some love. Yes, you will look a bit like something from Silence of the Lambs when wearing it, but trust me, your skin will thank you so much. I’ve so far used the Cherry Blossom Revitalising Mask, and it left my skin feeling so incredibly soft and renewed! (My mum also cheekily stole the Night Flower Nutrition Mask and she was just as big a fan). They’re also a lot less messy than a regular face mask, as you don’t have to wash anything off afterwards… No more white towels covered in green clay!

So far, I have been so impressed with these products and I really recommend checking out The Silk Rose‘s website! If you fancy reading more about them and the Korean market, they have some really interesting articles on their homepage. In the meantime, if you fancy getting your hands on some of these sheet masks yourself, check out the giveaway competition below!

Goodal mask promo

Good luck with the giveaway and keep an eye out for my post next Wednesday, where I’ll be focusing on a few more of these wonderful products! Head over to The Silk Rose‘s Twitter and Instagram pages for more info 🙂

Have you ever tried any Korean cosmetics? What did you think? And do you have any recommendations? Let me know in the comments! 

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Thanks for reading! Joanna xxxxx


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11 thoughts on “An Intro to Korean Cosmetics (and a Cheeky Giveaway)

    1. I haven’t tried either of those products but will look into them 🙂 And while the products are definitely more expensive than your average drugstore brand, lots of them are about the same price as Clinique/Clarins skincare and personally I’ve found the quality a lot better! Xxx


  1. clinique isn’t all too bad, but korean products are so much better. the goodal sheet masks are under the brand name club clio, which makes amazing makeup that i strongly suggest you look into. it has the quality of benefit and mac without the same pricetag!


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