5 Foods for Glowing Skin

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Hi everyone! Hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend. Recently, I’ve been delving more into a healthier lifestyle and it’s started to get me all interested in food and cooking. I do think the phrase “we are what we eat” rings true a lot of the time, so it’s super important to maintain a nutritious diet if you want to look and feel your best.

Before I give you a list of my top 5 foods you should be including in your diet if you want a glowing complexion, I just want to mention something really important… Bad skin does not necessarily mean a bad diet. I really want to get this message across because I think sometimes health bloggers and magazines can often forget this fact. I’ve known girls who eat a large amount of junk food, avoid fruit and veg, smoke, drink, sleep in their makeup… every bad habit you can think of! And yet, their skin is flawless. Other girls I know may have a much healthier lifestyle and yet their skin is always giving them trouble. So why is this? And why is it so unfair??! Well unfortunately, acne can often be caused by things we have no control over, such as genetics and hormones.

I say this because I feel it’s unfair that a lot of articles I’ve read seem to imply that your skin problems are down to your bad lifestyle, when this isn’t always the case. If you see someone with acne, don’t assume it’s due to a bad diet or lack of hygiene as this can be very ignorant and patronising. Despite that though, no matter what skin you have, whether it’s good, bad or somewhere in the middle, a good diet will always help the situation.

Now, let’s move on to my top 5! 

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  1. Avocado: Ok, so you’ve probably heard this a million times, but avocado really is a wonder food for the skin! They’re packed with nutrients and anti-oxidants and are also very detoxifying. The natural “good fats” within them are a great source of healthy energy and I try and eat 2-3 a week. If you’re really not a fan of the soapy, distinctive taste, try getting creative. I love to mash mine up with lime juice, chilli, red onion and olive oil for an amazing guacamole to spread on toast, or try blending them in a smoothie (my favourite is Madeleine Shaw’s Detoxifying Green Smoothie).
  2. Red Pepper: When you choose your vegetables at the supermarket, try aiming to “Eat the Rainbow“. Include all the colours you possibly can, and red peppers are one of the absolute best. There’s so much Vitamin C in just one red pepper and this is great for glowing skin, as well as protecting you from colds and illness. One of my favourite weekly meals are these Baked Stuffed Red Peppers with Cherry Tomatoes, Feta and Thyme. Quick, easy and delicious!
  3. Brazil Nuts: Nuts are an amazing snacking alternative to chocolate and crisps (as long as you buy them plain not salted!). My favourite though has to be Brazil nuts. They contain selenium, an anti-oxidant which helps tissue elasticity (hello soft, plump skin!) and it’s also amazing for your hair. Just don’t go overboard as too much selenium can actually be quite harmful, giving you stomach upsets and headaches. Instead try and snack on about 3 a day. If you’re really not a fan of nuts, try whizzing these up in Deliciously Ella’s Brazil Nut and Minted Avocado Sauce so you still get the benefits without the taste.
  4. Oily Fish: Again, this is probably no surprise to you. We all know that oily fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardines and anchovies, are great for our bodies. They contain high levels of Omega 3 and other essential fatty acids which really help to keep skin looking plump and hydrated. I would definitely recommend upping your oily fish intake to 3-4 times a week if you regularly suffer with dry skin. My favourite way to eat these are The Londoner’s Smoked Mackerel Pate and Slutty No-Carb Pasta (this is great if you want to add anchovies to your diet but aren’t a fan of the taste!).
  5. Berries: Ahhh berries. Nature’s sweets in my opinion. I really can’t get enough of these gorgeous little fruits; anything from strawberries to blackberries. They also contain lots of Vitamin C and nutrients which really help to keep your complexion fresh and clear. Don’t go too overboard though as big portions everyday can up your sugar intake. Just stick to two handfuls of two varieties a day. My personal favourites are strawberries and blueberries added to my porridge or granola each morning with a dollop of greek yoghurt and a drizzling of raw honey. Mmmmm heaven.

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I hope you’ve found some of these tips helpful as well as some of the recipes. I definitely recommend you give them all a go, you won’t be disappointed! Do any of you guys have any tips for what I should be adding to my diet for a gorgeous glow? Let me know in the comments! 

Check back in on Wednesday for a beauty bonanza and if you want more in the meantime, head over to my Bloglovin’, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest 🙂

Thanks for reading! See you Wednesday, Joanna xxxxx


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17 thoughts on “5 Foods for Glowing Skin

  1. I’ve really been enjoying your food posts Jo! I’m determined to get back into a more healthy frame of mind when I get back from my holiday. I’m definitely going to give Avocado a go 🙂 I’ve not really eaten it fresh before but the homemade guacamole sounds delicious xx

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  2. I was reading this while eating a bag of crisps and realised I should start eating healthy again, I knew about berries and try to eat a lot of it but didn’t know about the red peppers which I’ll be buying lots of. Thanks for the post 🙂

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