The Beauty of Positano

If I had to name the most breathtakingly beautiful place I’ve ever been in my life, I think it would have to be Positano…

I mean, just look at that view.


This stunning Italian town is nestled among the rugged cliffs of the Amalfi Coast and is one of the most romantic places on earth.

Famous for the way the houses seem to cling to the cliffs, looking outwards towards the Tyrrhenian Sea, it truly is a must-visit. I’ve already decided I want to split my honeymoon between here and Venice. Yes, I have no plans to get married for at least another 7 years, but I like to be organised!


After an extremely rickety bus journey from Sorrento to Positano (I genuinely thought at one point we were going to topple over the cliff-edge), we were very glad to arrive at our hotel.

Well, we actually arrived at a bus stop “5 minutes” walk from our hotel. This 5 minutes obviously hasn’t taken into consideration the fact we were two girls with very heavy suitcases. Dragging them down about 200 steps was not particularly fun and we weren’t in the best of moods on our arrival!

But we’ll forgive them for this magnificent view…

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Hotel Palazzo Talamo is a lovely little boutique hotel with a seriously amazing view of Positano. There’s a roof terrace from which you can see pretty much everything, plus it’s not too far up that the walk down to the beach takes forever (you can do it in 15 and there aren’t too many steps either!)

Every room also comes with its own balcony so if you want, you can leave your doors open, and wake up to the sound of the ocean.




Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

After a quick freshen up, it was necessary to enjoy a cheeky couple of Aperol Spritzes on the roof terrace to get over that traumatizing bus journey.

As the sun went down, we decided it was time to head out, explore, and most importantly, find some food!



At night, everything lights up, and it’s as if the whole town has been decked in twinkling fairy lights.

Truly amazing!


After a spot of tripadvisor-ing, we’d settled on a restaurant called Da Vincenzo, not too far from our hotel.

It ticked all the boxes; family run and cosy, serving authentic cuisine with lots of specialities from the Amalfi region.


I personally love the style of serving wine in ceramic jugs. I wish we did it more in the UK! It feels a lot more homely and adds a personal touch.

The food here was absolutely glorious and served up by cheerful, chatty waiters. Just be prepared for the portions!


A great big ball of fresh mozzarella with possibly a whole pig’s worth of parma ham…


One of my favourite dishes of the entire trip… ‘Toti y Tati.’ In other words, squid and potato; a very typical dish in Positano.

I honestly have never tasted squid like this before. For anyone who is often put off by the chewy, slimy texture of squid, this wasn’t at all! It was truly melt-in-your-mouth kind of stuff and worked so well with the potatoes.

Just shows how such simple ingredients can sometimes create magic!


We headed back to our hotel, full of good food and wine, guided by the twinkling lights.

I knew already I’d fallen in love with this place…

Have any of you guys every been to Positano? Would you like to go? And where is the most beautiful place you’ve ever been? Let me know in the comments below! 

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Thanks for reading! Joanna xxxxx


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24 thoughts on “The Beauty of Positano

  1. The place and the wonderfully captured pictures are so rockingly awesome and what a beautiful coast it is and I also like your future honeymoon plans and you have also chosen Venice as one of the places to go and it is certainly a right choice as I have just now come back from Venice and I know how fantastic it is. Great post and I had a lovely time in reading it.

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