Autumn Nail Edit – And a New Makeup Rule



When I moved in September, I tried to have a big clear out of all my old and unwanted clothes and makeup. Turns out there was a lot more stuff that I hadn’t used in yonks than I thought! One of the biggest culls happened to my nail varnish collection. I ruthlessly threw away anything that looked remotely gloopy or crispy, any colours that looked too similar, and anything which made me think, “Am I really going to wear that colour again?”

Because I’m a bit of a makeup hoarder, I’ve decided to make a new rule for myself: I can only buy 3 nail polishes each season, and they have to be “season appropriate”. This means my collection should stay pretty streamlined, I’ll use up most of it instead of having to throw it away half full, and I’ll no longer buy bright pinks and oranges in the middle of winter when I have no intention of wearing them… Pretty good rule right??

So now that it’s October and autumn is officially upon us I skipped out to Boots to buy my 3 new shades, of course heading straight to the Essie aisle. Check out my choices and let me know what you think!

Essie Cocktail Bling – I saw this shade recently on Lily Pebbles‘s blog and knew it had to be mine. I have a little obsession with grey at the moment (my Pinterest interior board is full of it) and this is the perfect everyday shade. It’s not too dark and while it’s a great neutral colour, it’s a bit more interesting than your classic nude. This has become my go-to shade for work.

Essie A List – Because everyone needs a classic red right? In summer I tend to reach for bright orange-toned reds, while the colder months are all about dark, vampish berry tones. This colour goes with any outfit and with any occasion. I like to wear it in the evening with black leather trousers, a black jumper and red lipstick for some statement makeup.

Essie Go Overboard – This was the shade I was umming and ahhing over. I was torn between this and a standard nude shade. In the end, I decided to be interesting and try out this sea blue/green hybrid, and I’m very glad I did! The dark turquoise looks really lovely (especially when I pair it with my camel winter coat) and it’s not too ‘in your face’ if you’re not a big blue-lover.

What do you guys think of my autumn nail polish picks? What are your favourite colours for this season? And have you ever made a ‘makeup rule’ for yourself?

I’ll have another post up tomorrow so check back in then! In the meantime, feel free to follow on Bloglovin’, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading! Joanna xxxxx


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42 thoughts on “Autumn Nail Edit – And a New Makeup Rule

  1. Only 3 per season?! *faints* Well I’m on a no-buy but I just can’t imagine next year limiting myself to just 3… once I start buying, I just can’t stop. Also, I seem to gravitate toward fall / winter shades moreso than spring / summer colours so I would have to skew the number more in the fall / winter time frame lol!
    I have A-List, it’s a great red! Cocktail Bling looks great on you – greys are an unexpected shade that I like too (I normally go for more classic colours)

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