Sabon: The luxury beauty brand you need to try


With it getting closer to Christmas, there seems no better time to branch out and discover some new beauty brands. You never know, you just might discover a new favourite in time for the New Year…

My new discovery this month comes in the form of SABON; a luxury beauty brand which has recently opened its first UK store in Covent Garden. I was lucky enough to be sent some of their products to try out, so here I am to report back on whether it’s worth a venture!


SABON’s products are all meticulously made with some of the best organic ingredients nature has to offer. We’re talking Dead Sea Salt, avocado oil, seaweed, and their signature scent of patchouli, lavender and vanilla. Sounds heavenly right?

I was pretty sold after trying out the absolutely gorgeous Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask. This stuff is seriously amazing. You know when something just leaves your skin feeling so gosh darn clean?  I recommend this for any girls who suffer with combination/oily skin, as it will completely clear out your pores, without leaving your skin feeling dry as you find with some clay masks. One little tip though; make sure you have a face flannel to hand to wash this stuff off! Once it’s mixed with water, it turns quite liquidy and things could get very messy as I discovered… *apologies to my previously-white bath mat!*

The Ocean Secrets Tonifying Face Serum is another dreamy product. Containing Vitamin C, one application of this overnight was enough to leave my skin feeling silky smooth the next morning, even without my usual moisturiser. It’s also got a lovely creamy texture, unlike a lot of serums which are oil-based – so this could really appeal to anyone who isn’t a fan of that slight greasy sheen oils tend to leave.


Now, the nail polish isn’t a colour I would normally go for (I’m more of a nude/dark red kind of girl in winter), but actually this shade isn’t your typical pink. Romantic Blush is the exact shade I would imagine it to be from the name. Just a lovely dusky raspberry pink which is feminine without being overly girly. I’m not a massive fan of the bottle (it doesn’t feel as luxury as the other products) but I love love the colour.


Now, the real star of the show has to be this Delicate Jasmine Sorbet Body Gel. I love the packaging for a start. There’s something about the simple glass jar and a label that makes it look homemade, but in a good way! You can almost imagine someone whipping it up in their kitchen which makes it feel more personal and cared for. It’s also recyclable and can easily be re-used for lots of different things *hello, future makeup brush holder!!*. The formula of this sorbet/lotion is so so lovely. It’s actually quite light due to it being a gel rather than a cream, which means it just sinks into skin without leaving you feeling like you’re going to get your nice clean bed sheets all greasy. The scent of avocado oil (which is incredibly good for skin), aloe vera (a natural soother) and jasmine is really delightful and refreshing.

I would definitely recommend checking out this brand. You can either visit there website or visit their new store in Covent Garden. Just to give you even more reason to visit, the store offers personal one-to-ones with their skincare experts, meaning you can get some advice on what will suit your exact needs. Personally, I think these products would make a superb and slightly special gift for any mum/aunt/friend/etc.

What do you guys think? Have you tried this brand and are you interested to try them now? Let me know what you think in the comments! 

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Thanks for reading! Joanna xxxxx



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