The Spring Nail Edit


essie ballet slippers

Hi everyone! Welcome to the third instalment of my seasonal nail edit. If you’re not familiar round these parts, I’ve been trying to streamline my nail polish collection by only allowing myself to buy 3 new shades each season. This way, I don’t end up forgetting about one and leaving it to dry up in the back of a drawer somewhere!

You can check out the Autumn and Winter edits if you fancy seeing what’s made the cut so far!

During the Spring, I’m always drawn to pale pastel colours. Anything that reminds me of the beautiful blossoming flowers outside. So my choices for this season are all quite pretty and feminine; two from my favourite brand Essie, and one of my all time faves from Topshop.

Topshop Blue Rinse A gorgeous periwinkle blue which is just the perfect spring shade. This is one of those colours where overtime I wear it, I’ll have at least three people ask me where it’s from. A few years ago, I would never have considered wearing a blue nail polish but this has fast become one of my favourites!

Essie Ballet Slippers : I always like to have a nude shade in my collection, and this is a really pretty natural pink tone. The name is ideal! I love this for an everyday polish.

Essie Maximilian Strasse-Her : This is the most interesting shade in my collection. A kind of green-grey-blue (how do you like that description?). I tend to have a lot of greys, blacks and blues in my wardrobe and this matches really well.

What do you guys think of my spring nail picks? And do you have any recommendations for summer?

Thanks for reading! Joanna xxxxx



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