Another MAC Nude Lipstick…

Ok, I know it was only about a week ago that I wrote about my newfound love for MAC Velvet Teddy; a terracotta, peachy nude lipstick which seems to flatter every darn makeup look I try… But it got me thinking about another similar shade I own from MAC which I must admit, I’d kind of forgotten about…

I’ve owned MAC Blankety for about a year now, but over the last few months it’s kind of been neglected in place of some newer, shinier models. I’ve remembered though why I fell in love with it in the first place, and it’s now firmly back in my favourites collection.

MAC Blankety is a very beige nude kind of nude – if you catch my drift. As it is quite pale, I think it can sometimes leave me looking a little washed out which is why I tend to reach for this when I’m going heavier on the eyes. I do think it’s a gorgeous colour though and the formula can’t be beat. From the Amplified range, it’s super creamy but stays completely matte. I need to try some more from this range if anyone has any suggestions??

Overall, I probably would stay away from this if you’re of darker skin tone or you’re extremely pale. Light to medium skin tones ladies though I think will love this. A smoky eye, a dash of Blankety, and a little clear gloss over the top is seriously stunning!

Have you tried MAC Blankety? And what’s your favourite nude shade?

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21 thoughts on “Another MAC Nude Lipstick…

    1. I agree, I find it works best with a smoky eye as then it doesn’t wash me out too much. Oh I was until a few weeks ago and now I’ve bought it it’s literally one of my favourite lipsticks ever! Thanks for reading hun xxx


  1. How have I also forgotten about Blankety! I’m going to have to fish that one out today. You and your MAC posts are dangerous haha. I’ve already added a couple more to my collection solely because of you!! lol xx

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