My 5 Lush Favourites



If someone asked me what my top ten favourite beauty brands were, I don’t think I’d ever include Lush…. It just doesn’t automatically spring to mind. But when thinking about it, there’s actually so many products I adore from there. Plus the fact they’re committed to sourcing things ethically and using only natural products, well that just makes them even better.

After recently making a couple of purchases from one of their stores in Lyon, I thought I’d share my 5 personal all-time favourites. Let me know if you agree with me or if there’s any you would recommend instead!

  1. Popcorn Lip Scrub: This is what I actually went into buy and it’s fast become a firm favourite. Seriously, this just smells like buttery, vanilla-ry popcorn goodness (I’ve opened the pot just to give it a good sniff more times than I’d care to admit…). It’s a real scrub scrub if you know what I mean too. There’s nothing half-hearted about it, this will get rid of any dry patches you might have and leave your lips completely soft and smooth. Just remember to use lip balm after!
  2. Tea Tree Toner: This is such a simple and effective toner, ideal if your skin is oily or blemish prone. Essentially just tea tree, grapefruit and water, it’s perfect for a quick spritz to freshen up and revitalise skin throughout the day.
  3. Cupcake Face Mask: You can read my full review about this here, but honestly this is hands down my favourite face mask in the world. You know when you’ve just got that really gross ‘as much as I wash my face I just don’t feel clean‘ sensation?? This will sort you out. And it smells like chocolate. I mean, what more do you need?
  4. Honey I Washed The Kids Soap: If something has honey in the title, chances are I’m going to love it. I’ve tried a few different Lush soaps, but I always seem to come back to this one. Creamy, sweet and delicious… and it has a cute name.
  5. Charity Pot Body and Hand Cream: When I went in to buy my popcorn lip scrub, the lady at the counter offered me a pot of this and I obviously couldn’t refuse. Essentially, the concept is that Lush produce ‘charity pots’ with the profits going straight to an important cause (which can be nominated by you) supporting the environment, animal welfare or human rights. The charities are always small, grass-roots organisations, so you can be sure your money will really make a difference. The one I bought is going to a French charity giving aid and support to the homeless, helping them to get back on their feet. If you spot these in any of your stores, definitely make a purhcase if you can! A small pot is only €5, you’ll be doing your bit for charity, and getting an awesome product in the process! Win win.


I’d love to know if you’ve tried any of these products and what your Lush Favourites are? Let me know in the comments πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading! Check in tomorrow for a brand new vlog!Β 

Joanna xxxxx



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12 thoughts on “My 5 Lush Favourites

  1. Great list! I like their Mint Julips lip scrub. I haven’t tried too many LUSH items so it’s always useful to read other people’s picks! I’m interested in trying the Honey I Washed The Kids Soap!


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