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I have to admit, for a beauty fanatic I was a little late to the Kiehl’s party. It’s a brand that’s always flown under my radar, partly because it was impossible to find in my hometown until Space NK opened (that was a good day), and partly because of its low-key marketing strategy. The brand is fairly unique in that it has a very strong male and female customer base, and they purposely try not to ‘over-advertise’ so as not to alienate either gender.

Ironically, I was actually encouraged to try it by my boyfriend who had tried a few of their shaving products and really enjoyed them. Now, I’m a fully-fledged fan.

I don’t say this about many brands, but I’ve honestly loved every single product I’ve tried from Kiehl’s. I think it’s because my skin is quite sensitive, and Kiehl’s prides itself on being a brand which only creates products made from natural ingredients. It was also historically a pharmacy, so they make sure that health and genuine knowledge is always at the heart of what they do. While the prices are quite high (more than your average drugstore, but not as pricey as luxury brands like Clinique or Esteé Lauder), I’ve always felt that the products are worth the money, and for me, skincare is something I’m not prepared to scrimp on.

I’ve tried a few things over the last few years, but these are the four that stand out for me. I truly think I’ll come back to using these again and again, and I would recommend them to anyone.

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Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Toner

I went off toner for a while before discovering this gem, due to them often being quite harsh and drying on the skin. This couldn’t be more opposite. It’s incredibly gentle and has a slight creamy texture to it, making it feel nice and hydrating.

It doesn’t really have a scent which I like too – other toners I’ve tried such as the Clinique Clarifying Lotion have had quite a strong smell of alcohol which worries me! I generally go by the rule that if something smells really strong, my skin probably won’t like it. This has definitely helped my skin appear more clear and smooth since using it, and I think it is working to keep it balanced (I don’t seem to be going quite as tomato-coloured as I used to throughout the day!). So if you’ve always been wary of toners before, I would definitely give this a go.

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Kiehl’s Creamy Avocado Eye Treatment

This is my latest purchase from Kiehl’s and thankfully it’s another winner. This eye cream may look a little odd (green is never the most appealing colour!) but avocado is known for being a naturally moisturising ingredient.

This is definitely a heavy duty eye cream. You only need a small amount and I prefer to dab it under my eyes then pat it in rather than rub it (it’s always best to be as gentle as possible with the eye area). This is super hydrating though and really feels like it’s working. I also find the green tinge seems to slightly correct my under eye circles and make me look less tired, so that’s ideal!

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Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate (full review)

I’ve done a full review of this little magic serum so I won’t go on too much here. Basically though, this is one of my all time favourite skincare products. Bold I know!

It’s an amazing mix of essential oils that smells like a dream (think lavender mixed with a luxury spa), that I like to use on my skin once or twice a week to give it an amazing boot of hydration. This has become a bit of a saviour for whenever I’ve had a really stressful week at work/bad night’s sleep/late night out.

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Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defence SPF 50

I bought this suncream just before my holiday to Spain last month, as I’ve always had a big issue with finding a decent UV protection for my face. Of course, suncare is really important to me, but pretty much every suncream I’d ever used before had ended up breaking me out. Not exactly what you want on a holiday!

This feels different to all the others though in that it’s so incredibly light. It doesn’t have that greasy, thick texture you expect from a suncream, and it doesn’t leave your skin with any shiny white residue. Instead, it just feels like a slightly thicker moisturiser, sinks into skin immediately, and yet still gives brilliant factor 50 protection. I wore this every day on holiday and thankfully, no sunburn AND no breakouts.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I’d love to hear what your favourite Kiehl’s products are? Or if there are any you’d really like to try?

Check back in on Wednesday for a brand new post 🙂

Thanks for reading! Joanna xxx

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13 thoughts on “Kiehl’s Skincare | My Best Bits

  1. I really like Kiehl’s least the products I’ve tried. Maybe look at their travel sized products….the moisturiser I use is 75ml and have been going strong for many months. Might give the avocado eye cream a try.

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  2. I just started using a Kiehl’s toner recently, it’s their calendula with the flower petals inside the bottle – quite interesting.
    Have you tried the Ultra Facial Cream? I was surprised how much I liked it. It’s pretty basic, no frills but it really delivers on the moisture.

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  3. I really loved this post. I’ve only just started using Kiehl’s products recently, as I don’t have a counter nearby. I am really enjoying the eye cream too! I’ve also been debating trying the midnight recovery oil as everyone seems to speak so highly of it.
    Lucie xo |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I definitely recommend the midnight recovery oil! I don’t like to use it every night but maybe once or twice a week is perfect. I think you can get a sample in store if you want to try before you buy! Thanks for reading Lucie 🙂 xxx


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