Embracing My Inner 90s Chick With MAC Whirl


I feel like I’ve fully embraced the whole ’90s brown lips’ phase, just in time for autumn… I dipped my toe with MAC Velvet Teddy, a beautiful peachy brown nude, then went one step further with the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Abu Dhabi, and now I’ve finally gone the whole hog with MAC Whirl.

I’m absolutely loving this lipstickΒ right now. I just think it’s the perfect Kylie Jenner esque shade; a sort of deep rosy brown with warm undertones. It’s also a satin finish rather than fully matte, meaning it’s creamier and more comfortable on the lips. Gotta love a satin MAC lippy…

I like to wear this shade with matte brown and bronzy eyes. Generally, I’ve been pairing it with some of the shadows from my Makeup Revolution Iconic Palette 1. Something I also really like is that I can wear this for a night out, or just for a slightly more dressed up daytime look. I find the colour to be really flattering and interesting! You can see it in action in my latest video here.

Who knew we’d all be back into this 90s trend? What will it be next? No bras and body glitter??! As long as we don’t return to the whole nude lipstick + dark lip liner phase, I’m all good…

So what do you guys think of the brown lips trend? And have you tried Whirl yet?

Check back in on Saturday for a new post πŸ™‚Β 

Thanks for reading! Joanna xxx

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16 thoughts on “Embracing My Inner 90s Chick With MAC Whirl

      1. Talking about brave, have you tried MAC’s Brave lipstick? I think it’s a great colour for you to try, especially in Autumn πŸ™‚ And yes, their other palettes are great too! I have 2 of their chocolate bar palette (Too Faced dupe) and their sooo pretty!

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      2. No I haven’t tried brave but so many people have recommended it so think I might have to check it out soon!! It is my birthday coming up πŸ˜‰ Oh wow I didn’t know they did a Too Faced Chocolate Bar dupe. Definitely going to head to Suoerdrug this weekend and look for that! Xxx

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