My Coffee Table Book Collection

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I love a good coffee table book. There’s something nice about having something guests can flick through while you’re making them a cuppa, or having a casual read while you’re watching a film.

For me, they need to be very aesthetically pleasing with beautiful images and interesting content, and I like them to have a bit of a story behind them.Β For example, all of mine were bought during my time in Paris so they all have a lovely memory and sentimentality involved.

So if you enjoy a good book like me, I’d recommend checking these three out…

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Paris in Color by Nicole RobertsonΒ 

If it’s beautiful photography you’re after, as well as an element of travel, then I really recommend this gorgeous book. A compiled collection of photos by blogger Nicole Robertson, this captures the ambience of Paris in a fantastic way.

The sections of the book are split into colour themes, such as Blue, Pink and Orange, with photos of Parisian street themes focusing on these shades. Imagine trees teaming with pink blossoms, red bowls of steaming onion soup, and blue bicycles leaning against iron gates. If you haven’t visited Paris already, you’ll want to even more after skimming through this book!

This also has a special memory for me as I bought it in my favourite book store in the world – Shakespeare and Co. on Rue de la Bucherie. They stamp it with a symbol of Shakespeare to prove itsΒ authenticity.

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Ads of the 20th Century Fashion by Taschen

I found Taschen Book Store on Rue de Buci while exploring the Saint Germain area of Paris with a couple of friends. It’s a book store with an amazing collection of photography and art themed books.

The first of the two books I picked up was this amazing fashion bible, filled with famous ads from the 20th century and dotted with quotes from the likes of Coco Chanel, Karl Largefeld and Linda Evangelista. The perfect inspiration for a rainy day!

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Inside Chefs’ Fridges, Europe by Adrian Moore and Carrie Solomon

This may sound a little strange, but I have a slightly weird fascination with other people’s kitchens. I think you can tell a lot about someone by the food they keep and what they like to cook. I also love recipe books and have been working on a collection of my own for when I finally buy my own home.

This is the ideal read for me, with interviews from celebrated chefs all over Europe, as well as an insight into their regular fridges and a few of their favourite recipes. What I really like about this is that it doesn’t look as though it’s been staged – the fridges genuinely look like an average person might own it, containing everything from fruit, beer and fresh vegetables to wine, homemade sauces, and leftover casseroles. There’s a lot of inspiration and I love to get some ideas for the kind of foods I could start using in my weekly diet.

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Hope you guys have enjoyed this post! Do you love a coffee table book like me? And do you have any you’d like to add to your collection?

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Thanks for reading! Joanna xxx

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11 thoughts on “My Coffee Table Book Collection

  1. Your “Ads of the 20th Century Fashion” book sounds really interesting. My current coffee table book is called “The Art Book,” and it just has a picture and description of one piece of art by many famous artists organized by the artist’s last name. It’s pretty big, but it’s fun to flip through.

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