New Year’s Resolutions 2017

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Now that the festive period is over – as well as potentially one of the busiest months of my life in terms of keeping up with work, studying and social commitments – I figured it was a great opportunity to make a few lifestyle changes to try and be healthier, happier and less tired in 2017!

I always like to make a few New Year’s Resolutions but to be honest I haven’t been too great at actually keeping them… I’m hoping this year will be different though, and maybe by documenting how I’m getting on here, I’ll have some more motivation! So here are they are…

3 ‘Bigger’ Resolutions

  1. Detox January – As I pretty much managed to consume my own weight in cheese and biscuits over my 10 day Christmas break, I’ve decided a little detox is in order. I’m cutting out all chocolate (my biggest weakness), coffee (I’ve started to rely on that mid-afternoon cappuccino to get me out of the post-lunch slump), and alcohol for one whole month. It’s funny how alcohol especially plays such a big part in our lives, with many of my social occasions centring around it… CocktailsΒ with the girls, pub lunches, nights out… Not to mention my favourite evenings of a glass of red wine and a chick flick! I think giving these 3 things up might be harder than I think, but hopefully afterwards I’ll see how easy it is to go without them.
  2. Exercise: I used to be very active when I was in school, but throughout university and now with work I’ve become quite lazy. With a trip to Barbados planned in March, I want to try and get a bit fitter and more toned so I feel completely confident, as well as being generally healthier. I’m taking baby steps, with trying to get in two decent workouts a week throughout January.
  3. Me-Time: Over the last couple of months, I think I’ve been running myself ragged trying to fit in everyone and everything. I often work late and have been studying for my professional marketing exams in the evenings, then on the weekends I’m constantly rushing up and down to London to see friends. Now of course,Β maintaining a social life is important, but I think this year I need to take a bit more time to just completely chill. Being home for 10 days for Christmas really reminded me how nice it is to sometimes just not have any plans. You know, where you don’t set an alarm and can stay in your dressing gown all day if you want to?? I’m going to promise myself at least one weekend a month where I stay in my own town; whether it’s venturing out for some casual shopping or a nice meal, or just relaxing in my flat. Just being totally selfish. Bliss.

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3 ‘Smaller’ Resolutions

  1. Read More Books: I’ve always loved reading, ever since I was little, but recently I haven’t been able to fit it into my life so much. This kind of ties into the above resolution – I want to read at least 2 books a month and get back into it as a hobby again. Maybe I’ll even write about them on here?
  2. Blog blog blog: Just as with reading, I haven’t had time to blog as much as I would like since I moved back from Paris. I’d like to get back into more of a routine now that my exams are out the way, and I’ll be aiming to put up 2 posts a week on Wednesdays and Sundays, with a cheeky occasional bonus post on Fridays. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see!
  3. Hair and Body Care: This is definitely the most trivial of all my resolutions, but hey – you’ve got to have one right! I’m an avid skincare enthusiast, and I’m religious about keeping to my daily ‘Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise’ routine. However, surprisingly I’m very lazy when it comes to my hair and body care. I rarely moisturise, and my hair care routine consists of a simple shampoo and conditioner with a bit of oil run through the ends every few days. I’ve decided I’m going to try to incorporate a body lotion at least every other day, and a hair mask once a week to my beauty regime, as well as better products in general. Watch this space…

So there we have it… I’d love to hear what your New Year’s Resolutions for 2017 are? Maybe we can all motivate each other as I know I’m definitely going to need it!Β 

Check back in on Friday for a new beauty post πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading! Joanna xxx



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Hi, I'm Jo. A marketing girl with a love of bold lips, luxury skincare, delicious food, and travelling to new places. Continuing to blog all my adventures...

20 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions 2017

  1. Good luck for your goals! Have a great 2017! I also want to read more books- last year was a complete disaster reading year for me. I just found out your blog and I really love your style of content! You gained a new follower today, keep up the good work! x

    Kay –

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