BIG NEWS!! New Blog Name And Re-Brand

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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Hi everyone!! So I have some big news which you may or may not have noticed…

I’ve changed my blog name!!

Yes, I am no longer Pores for Thought and will now officially go by the name Jo De Vivre.

This was by no means a snap decision; I’ve actually been considering a change for about 6 months now… How do I explain it? You know sometimes when you just look at your wardrobe and feel completely uninspired and a bit tired of everything? And then you feel like the only way to truly fall in love with your style again is to have a complete re-vamp? Well that’s how I started to see my blog…

As much as I loved Pores for Thought, it had started to feel a bit young and immature to me. I started this blog over 2 years ago during my final year at university. I’m now 23, have been working full time for 18 months, and spent 6 of those living in Paris. I just felt like I wanted something a bit more grown up and more, well, me. I’ve also been enjoying writing about some of my other passions aside from beauty recently, such as travel, reading, lifestyle and food. I think that my new name reflects my wider interests better.

Jo De Vivre has been on my mind since I moved out to the French capital. Not only does it actually have my real name within it (I’d always slightly regretted not including it before!), it also incorporates my love of France and the French language. And of course, the phrase ‘Joie de Vivre’ – meaning ‘Joy of Living’ – just reminds me of carefree days wandering around a beautiful city and people-watching in glam cafes!

I really hope you guys like the new name and blog design as much as I do! I’m already feeling much more inspired and ready to get cracking with some fab new content. And I hope you’ll all keep reading!

Lots of love to you all,

Jo xxx

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Hi, I'm Jo. A marketing girl with a love of bold lips, luxury skincare, delicious food, and travelling to new places. Continuing to blog all my adventures...

40 thoughts on “BIG NEWS!! New Blog Name And Re-Brand

  1. Love the new name! I can totally relate since I changed my name over a year ago as well. I created my old name out of a whim and finally made my choice to change after a year. Cheers!👏🏻👍🏻

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      1. FilipinoInsideOut.. i thought since I’m a filipino then why not incorporate that in my blog name.. but I felt like it’s not too versatile especially in the blogging world. Hehe


  2. congratulations on the blog name change lovely. It sounds very sophisticated!I’ve been wanting to change mine for a while now but its such a massive deal, that like yourself I want to take a bit of time as well.
    Kate x

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  3. That’s honestly the loveliest name, love love loved reading this post. I completely understand what you mean, i’ve recently been slowly but surely trying to mature a bit within my blog (can’t quite let go of the name yet though haha). I honestly love the direction you’re taking, so classy and feminine- love! Great post xoxo

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  4. Just discovered your blog and immediately followed! I love your sophisticated photography and all of your beauty posts! I am so proud of you for following your dreams and upgrading your blog; I love the new name and cannot wait to hear more about life in France. You are gorgeous and talented! If you are interested in other makeup posts and flatlays, it would literslly mean the world to me if you could check out my blog! xoxo

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